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Emergency Notice Concerning Banning Riding Motorbikes

The university is always reminding and urging that all international student should pay attention to both their own personal safety and also other people’s safety.

However, at around five thirty pm on October 4th, one of international students rode a powerful electric bikes on campus with his girl friend  from Africa and hit one member of the kitchen staff and made his upper leg fracture. The victim was sent to hospital to receive treatment at once . According to the doctor, it would take, more than 40000 to 50000 yuan for the victim to receive surgical treatment. 


                            Those who are responsible                                                             The victim

Every international students should take a big lesson from this case and should not ride any electric bikes especially 

powerful ones.

In recent years several big traffic accident happened to our international students just because of motorbikes and electric bikes, causing big injury and loss each time. In order to create a safe and peaceful environment and also protect people including international students from being injured by accidents, international students are forbidden to ride any motorbikes or electric bikes especially powerful ones. You, international students can ride shared bikes and electric bikes.Within two weeks you should have to sell your motorbikes and electric bikes if you have them.After two weeks the university security guards will come to confiscate motorbikes and also electric bikes.            


 International Students Office

                                            October 5th