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Notice on Higher Education Quality Assessment

From now on, our university is preparing hard to receive assessment on  undergraduate education quality by experts sent by the Ministry of Education and every member of faculty and staff and all students including  international students should be in high spirits to receive inspection and assessment. The teachers and administrators will be very strict with students including international students and the students should be strict with themselves. Here are the things you should do and you shouldn’t do.


1.Every student should go to class five to ten minutes earlier and  can't miss or  be late for or be  away from class early otherwise causing severe punishment from no scholarship,zero marks, expulsion from the university,etc.

2.Every student should eat food at canteen. If you want to cook food yourself,you must cook in the public kitchen,you are not allowed to cook in your room.If you are found cooking in your room,your cooking utensils will be confiscated and you are disqualified for the scholarships.  

3.Students can ride bikes or shared electric bikes. You are not allowed to buy and ride any motorbikes and electric bikes. If you are found doing this, your motorbikes or electric bikes will be confiscated.

4.Every student should take care of the environment, keep the dormitory room,public kitchen and other public places including wall clean. You are not allowed to throw daily rubbish everywhere and get the surroundings dirty and you are also not permitted to bring the cooked food into the room to eat. If you are found doing this, the university will disqualify you from the scholarship or cut off your room power or take away your cooked food.

5. Every international students must abide by the rules and regulations of the university otherwise various sanctions will be given depending on circumstances.

                     International Students Office

              October 13, 2018