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Foreign Teachers Recruitment外籍招聘启事

Foreign Teachers Recruitment外籍招聘启事


Name of University(English): Nanchang Hangkong University

              (中文)          南昌航空大学

Contact Person (联系人): 

Address: Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Nanchang Hangkong University

696 South Fenghe Avenue, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, P.R.China   330063

地址:中国江西省南昌市丰和南大道696号南昌航空大学国际合作与交流处 330063


Fax(传真): 0086-791-83863830

E-mail: 70751@nchu.edu.cn

Website: www.nchu.edu.cn


Recruitment for Candidates (招聘要求)

Position(招聘职位): English teacher (for oral English) 英语教师(口语)

Number of Vacancies (招聘人数)1 vacancy

Gender: both    Age: 2455    Duration of Contract: 12 months from  February 2019

性别:/         年龄: 2455     合同期限:12个月

Subjects to teach: Oral English, Reading, Writing, etc.


Hours of Teaching Per Week (周学时)16 hours per week in average; extra hours to be paid at RMB 120/hour

Academic Qualification: Bachelor or above; major in literature, English or education, TESOL certificate, TEFL certificate or teaching certificate preferred


Other Qualifications: an experienced language teacher, a native speaker, active and thought-provoking in teaching, patient with students. 2-year work experience(have the work proof issued by the past employer). If the candidate can meet one of the following requirements, then the two-year teaching experience can be ignored. 1. a TEFL certificate or TESOL certificate. 2. EnglishEnglish literature or Education major. 3.English teaching certificate.

其他:要求应聘者教学经验比较丰富,性格开朗、有耐心、能活跃课堂气氛,激发学生学习兴趣2年以上工作经验 (有以前雇主开具的工作证明) 如果申请者满足以下条件之一,可以不需要2年以上工作经验。1. TEFL证书或者TOSOL证书。 2. 英语相关专业或者教育学专业。3.英语教师资格证



1. Salary 

The salary will be RMB 7000—9000 per month, varying in accordance with the candidate’s experience and academic qualification. 



2. International Air Fare:

Round-trip international Air Fare upon the successful completion of the contract of an academic year, One-way-trip international Air Far upon the successful completion of the contract of half an academic year(economical classdirect).



3. Accommodation: free furniture accommodation with a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, bedding items, free internet, a refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, a television set and air-conditioner etc. and a subsidy of RMB 400 per month for electricity.

住宿条件:提供附设厨房、卫生间、家具、卧具、空调、免费网络、电视机、电冰箱、微波炉、洗衣机、电热水器等设施的两居室以上住房; 电费补助400/月。

4. Holiday: all the holidays for Chinese teachers,


5. Travel 

Each semester we usually organize a travel for all foreign teachers.