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Phoenix Groove scenic spot outing


“Phoenix Groove scenic spot outing." 


Spring March, orioles fly and the grass sprout out of the earth, it’s a season with full blossoms. At this time, Nanchang Hangkong University organized a group of foreign students to see cherry blossoms on the yesterday afternoon (March 27), and I was very pleased to be invited to go with them. 



Traveling with foreign students, who are mostly Africans, is a novelty. We entered into the Phoenix Groove scenic spot just when the tulips were in bloom, the scenic spots were dressed in colorful tulips, yellow, pink and purple, the variety formed a fascinating picture which attracts a rain of visitors, those tourists can enjoy the beauty of spring together.  



Of course, for such a beautiful scene, the biggest protagonist in the park was still cherry blossoms, it’s another cherry blossom season, although those oriental cherries which bloomed on the branches were late than the bloom of red plum, they overflowed the whole spring and gave birth to three months of spring.



The park was full of cherry blossoms, and each petal of them was plain, just like the February snow which is delicate, students swayed the branches happily, the petals on the branches are like the flying butterflies and snowflakes which were truly attractive. There are three Moroccan schoolgirls fond of taking pictures, it can be seen that they must be well-prepared from their dressing, actually, they are also blooming flowers, they come here to compete beauty with cherry blossoms and compete romance with tulips.