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Recently, the International Students Office of our university received calls from Chinese embassies and consulates abroad to ask whether our university has issued the JW202 forms and the Admission Notices for this year's short-term Chinese language training. This year, our university has not recruited  any short-term Chinese language training students , and has not issued JW202 forms and Admission Notices for short-term Chinese language training. The short-term Chinese language training JW202 form and admission notices issued in the name of our university for visa application are forged. We hereby declare and request the embassies and consulates to refuse these visa applications. With the expanding scale of internationalization of our university and the rising international reputation, many law breakers, driven by interests, enter the country illegally by forging JW202 forms and admission notices or help others enter the country illegally to defraud money. Our university will assist the relevant departments to thoroughly investigate and severely crack down on such illegal incidents.

                               April, 2019

 International Education School

    Nanchang Hang University


    最近,我校留学生工作办公室不断接到中国驻外使领馆打来的电话,询问我校是否发放了今年短期汉语言培训的JW202表和录取通知书。今年我校未招收短期汉语言培训班,未发放短期汉语言培训的JW202表和录取通知学。持以我校名义签发的来使领馆办理签证的短期汉语言培训JW202表和录取通知书均属于伪造,特此声明并敬请使领馆在受理此签证办理业务时给予拒签。随着我校国际化办学规模不断扩大,国际声誉不断提升,很多不法分子,为利益所驱动,通过伪造JW202表和录取通知书非法入境或帮助他人非法入境骗取钱财 ,我校将协助有关部门对此类事件进行彻底清查,严厉打击。