Messages From International Students

Messages from International Students


Tabias Pittman from America

“Nanchang Hangkong University knows how to treat its foreign students and make them feel at home, because of this I have not once thought of home”


Mikaela Shimko America

“Spending time with friends and faculty makes my transition without difficulty. American will always be in my heart, but NCHU has a special part”


Mercy. G.M from Tanzania

“Setting my foot inChina, I felt humbled and full of enthusiasm. The university lectures are more than teachers, who cares for a child. I have had opportunities to ask and learn new ideals and develop real practical skills. It has always been a calm home away from home, where my career roots are strengthened”


Ombeni from South Africa

“Open culture and way of living, the university has made it easier for me. My lecturers have taught me principles and the way of life towards my career and the university offered me 20000RMBscholarship as one of top international students last year. I am very grateful for all these. I have been open to receive, and my university has always been ready to offer.


Jim Ifraim Manzur from Bangladesh

“I came toChinabecause I wanted to experience something different. Here at NCHU I have gained more confidence by learning another language, understanding another culture and also meeting new people. As an international student I am learning theoretical knowledge and developing my practical skills. NCHU awarded me 20000RMB scholarship as a top academic student. I have had a good experience. I love the campus, the people, the facilities and resources here at NCHU. ”