Welcome Speech From the President

Welcome Speech from President

    Overseas study is a great way for students to further develop academically and professionally. The ability to travel to new countries and thrive in foreign environments is an invaluable experience and skill that stands out on your resume. While studying abroad, you will challenge yourself personally, learn first hand about new and different cultures and make new and possibly life-long friends


    Chinahas a time honored civilization with a history of 5000 years. NowChinais the world’s fastest growing country with its GDP now ranking second in the world and has become the globe ‘s second largest economy only after theUS. Conducting overseas study in this country can have a great impact on your personal and professional life and the opportunities for future career are endless.


      We are very glad that you are interested in studying in our university, Nanchang Hangkong  University.  Studying in NCHU as a student is an excellent way to learn aboutChinaas a country and culture. NCHU offers a rich international education experience in a variety of study fields, especially engineering courses, such as aeronautical engineering, civil engineer, which are taught in English medium.


       With extensive range of subject areas, quality teaching, garden-like campuses, good facilities, welcoming culture and friendly environment, coupled with the university‘s location in the beautiful city of Nanchang, the capital of Jiangxi Province, your Choice to study in Nanchang Hangkong  University is wise one in your whole life..


       Teaching in NCHU is designed to get you job-ready and equip you with the practical and theoretical knowledge and skills upon which you can build a rewarding career.


Your choice to study in Nanchang Hangkong  University can help you realize your ambitions and reach your dream.